St Petersburg-Moscow

At the train station in St. Petersburg we found our train taking us to Moscow. We where having a good time, in fact so good that a fat, ugly Russian woman started yelling at us in Russian. We were of course smiling back, realizing laughter isn't something she's experienced alot in her life. The bed was big enough for 75 % of me, but flexible as I am, it all went smoothly and I woke up happy the next morning in Moscow.

The next day started with an elegant jump down from my bed, making sure my cellphone fell down and hit the make-up powder of the taste-of-penis girl Clare. The nice dust cloud covered our room and Ilja and Tomtom got an unwelcome blow in their faces. Tomtom is a jolly brit whose name is Tom. Smashed in St. Petersburg, he lost his nice gore-tex jacket he got as a going away present. Poor Tomtom. We were picked up in a mini van at the train station in Moscow and we went to the Hotel, which was the olympic residenses from the olympics in Moscow. After a small rest we went out to check out the capital. It was raining alot this day so I decided to use my nice raincoat. Apparently there is something about this piece of clothing that makes everybody comment it. They laugh, but I think they're jealous. It's a pretty coat and it makes me look big and strong.

In the center we checked out Lenin's maosoleum first. If stopped to look at him, the guards would scream at you and chase you down the corridor. In other words: keep moving. Looking back at my last post, compared to Lenin, I have a tan. Next up was Kremlin and the armoury. That is truly something magnificent. Inside of Kremlin there are several different churches in different styles. The most impressing thing was, however, the armoury. The armoury contains all kinds of book covers, glasses, mugs etc of gold and silver with diamonds and emeralds. Among all the beautiful stuff are also some of the Faberge eggs. After a nice audio guided tour, we set off for the red square. Standing there, I couldn't stop thinking about tetris and whistle the tune. The square itself is big, but there isn't that much to it. The metro stations in Moscow are simply breath taking and we sighsteeing with the tube. We just got off at some designated stations and shot some photos and got back into the metro again. The communists knew how to build metro stations!
Dinner time! Meeting infront of the statue of Zhukov, where he's stamping on the nazi eagle with his horse, we set off to have some food. I was sitting between Steve Harris and Jesus, which I both love and worship. At least one of them. They are to Englishmen which both have brought their women with them on the tour. As usual I ate my food, then the left overs from mr Harris, and then of Masheena, the small scottish girl that is able to consume her own weight in vodka in one night and still cart wheel in morning. We went for a small beer and then to the hotel for an after party. In Shafie's room, Tomtom, t-o-p claire, faceplanter Charlie, Ilja the Jew and I had some drinks and beer and played "never ever have I ever". The next morning we knew alot more about eachother.

9 am. Meeting outside the hotel. Shopping time. The guide Laziz takes us to the nearby supermarked. We're stockpiling, noodles, toast, vodka, vodka, vodka, sausage, crisps, fruit, water and mixers to bring to the train station. Looking like fifteen happy gypsies with backpacks and bags we climbed into the train heading for Irkutsk in Siberia. In good apartheid style the Uzbek, Norwegian and Isrealite shared on compartment, whereas all the ones from the common wealth divided the other between them. Since this is two days ago I know we're going to have shitloads of fun on this trip:). Next up: the epic journey with the Trans Siberian railway!

Pictures and tracks will be updated!


  1. "taste-of-penis girl Clare"...omg...how.the.hell.did.she.get.that.name??
    enjoyable read with few giggles, thanks, best on the epic journey!
    Laura, Brussels.

  2. You made my day. Again. Since I know your rain coat and your body control right after you wake up I have pretty clear images in my mind reading your words. Speaking of Irkutsk there is one thing I would like to mention: Steffen has not reacted on anything I have sent him via Facebook and mobile (in fact he has not even received my sms). Please keep your eyes open for some Turkish looking bagger mumbling questions for "change" in German. It has been almost three weeks now since I last heard of him so I am in fact a bit worried.

    Thanks my dear