Palawan: Puerto Princesa and El Nido

In Puerto Princesa I checked into a hostel with pool and wifi, two things I like a lot. In the evening I met up with a Filipino girl Sharon and a Korean, dutch adopted guy called Ki. He was the very first make-up artist I had ever met. Anyway, the three of us ate crocodile and had some beers at the local pub. A funny band was playing some tunes they had been playing the last two years. The next day we accepted Sharon's offer and went with her to check out a small village up in the mountain side. There wasn't that much up there, but the family we visited had a funny little critter as pet. In the evening we went out again with Sharon's friends and the Fama sisters from my hostel. Warehauz 45 is the shit haha.

Sharon took me and Ki's friend Lisa, from his hostel, out to one of the satellite clinics outside of Puerto Princesa. This is where they repair the villagers and pull out their teeth for free. Lisa and I were chilling at the beach while Sharon was working. In the evening we had a nice barbecue. After a long and bumpy  bus ride the next day, Lisa and I arrived in El Nido, or Eldonado as she calls it. I checked in to my 150 pesos a night place and we started booking tours. The first day was quiet and we had some beers with some English girls. The following morning, we went on a tour with an Argentinian couple and two guides.We drove around in our boat in an area very similar to that of southern Thailand. A lot of nice limestone islands. In the evening we went to a very filthy bar. Lisa turned around after 3 seconds and went out, whereas all the guys stayed for a couple of beers. One of the prostitutes liked to dance and I danced some swing for the first time in many months. I went to bed early since I had a new tour the next day. Unfortunately I must have eaten something bad or something, because I woke up at five and had to vomit. Then, for the next 8 hours, I crapped out my mouth and pissed out my ass. It had been a long time since I was sick, so I guess it was about time. I had to cancel the tour and spent the day lying in bed and reading a Swedish book I found in my room.

I went on a tour with the Argentinian couple on my last day in El Nido. An Italian with his Filipina was also with us. It was nice with a boat ride and to snorkel a bit. My stomach was a team player the whole day as well. In the evening I finished off the book and went to bed early. My last stop before Flying out of Puerto Princesa was Sabang. Together with the Argentinian couple I took a morning mini van to Sabang. Like El Nido, this town is small and electricity is only available at certain hours. They rely on generators. In Sabang I met Marc the Swede and we did the underground river together. It was a pretty cool tour. I got to sit in front in the boat and control the light while we were going through the caves. The next morning we headed to Puerto again and I had a last evening together with Sharon, Ki, Kyra, Antonio, Fran and some others.

Next up: Cebu!

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