Penang - Malacca

The minivan ride from Penang to the Cameron Highlands was delightful. Very nice scenery and very good roads. Unlike alot of places else in Asia, safety seems to be important here and we had to make a stop in Ipoh to change a wheel since the driver found it necessary. Up in the highlands the temperatures were more like Norwegian spring  and a very nice change from the boiling heat in Penang. Cameron highlands was a nice place, but there is not that much to do. The treks there were much smaller than expected, and we got tired of rain and "cold" weather much quicker than we would have thought. Rainman had problems with a painful neck, so I had to go on some walks in the hills on my own. However, when I got back down, I was ready to kick his ass in some super nintendo games. Nothing's like playing some good, old 16-bits games. We had a guided tour to the mossy forest and tea plantations. It was interesting and it still surprises me how friendly Malaysians are, even the ones that make money off you.

We left for Kuala lumpur a grey morning and had a pleasent ride down there. We checked in at a hostel James' had stayed at earlier. That night we almost went to the hospital due to Rainman's neck. He was in severe pain, but ate some pills and was able to survive until the morning. Leaving the cripple at a new hotel, I went of for a stroll in Malaysia's capital. There was alot of traffic but surprisingly few pedestrians. I enjoyed the buildings and walks in the park with signs that reminded me that I shouldn't try to kiss girls there. The museums in KL were also good. Other than that it's really not much to say, except a little, cute muslim girl made me one of the best waffles of my life. Big like Belgian ones, but round and crispi with soft insides like regular ones. She added peanut butter and kaya. Made my day. Also made me realise I had been missing waffles. Licence plates are also hilarious in Malaysia. Having all kinds of three characer plates give alot of nice abbreviations.

After a couple of days in KL we left for Malacca, the cultural capital of Malaysia. It's very nice with loads of history, being influenced by three European powers and all. The demographic situation is a bit different here, and there are many more Chinese. We therefor switched from the curry and naans in KL to the Chinese noodle and chicken dishes. In Malacca we found Jenga at the market and James got his ass kicked multiple times. Since his neck is better, there is no point in letting him win. Mr Sloppyhands is still in England, so somebody has to take his place. In Malacca I had yet another waffle, this time with peanut butter and chocolate. I loved it! Malaysia is a brilliant place to enjoy functioning multi cultural society with waffles. It's also not a place you to if you want to get hammered. Beer is difficult to find, expensive and nobody wants to drink it with you. After a couple of days in Malacca I left for Singapore to experience Chinese new year, while James left to Cambodia to have a chill week waiting for Sloppyhands to come and help him out of his losing streak.

Next stop Singapore!



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