Phuket - Penang

After my parents left me all alone and vulnerable in Phuket I had another messy night in Patong. After a couple of hours of sleep I went to take the boat to phi phi island. At Phi phi island I stumbled upon Mr sloppyhands and Rainman. They were booking a boat trip for the day and with them were Cara the cat from Laos and two new ones, Anna and Kris. I joined them for the ride and we all had a great day. Back on the island the guys had a little surprise waiting. At a restaurant, where guests could muay thai eachother for a bucket of booze, they had a burger challenge. The lads had been waiting for me and now was the time. Who could manage to consume an 800 gram burger, potato wedges, coleslaw and onion rings in 30 minutes? The correct answer is me:D Years of practice finally paid off. None of us felt good the next 20 hours though, but it was worth it.

The next day was new years eve and we spent the day on the beach, relaxing and swimming in the beautiful, warm water. The three girls then came and picked us up after they had gotten themself a bucket each. We went down to the beach for a nice new years eve beach party. With nice music, fireworks and half naked people with body painting, I had my very first warm new years eve celebration. Cara kissed some very handsome guys, but was unfortunaetly not able to remember this the next morning. 2012 started with rain. This didn't bother us much since we spent most of it in bed. We had a last, nice dinner with the girls and then we said good bye. The next day the three amigos went to Hat Yai in the south of Thailand. Unfortunately, bad news had arrived from England and Amir had to go back home. The next morning he left for Kuala Lumpur, leaving the trip to Penang to Rainman and myself. No tears were shed, but a piece of our hearts left that day. At noon the same day James and I boarded the love bus. A minivan filled with gay Malaysians. It took us 10 mins to find out that one was playing for the different team, but after a bus ride of 4 hours we realized that they all were. T-shirts like "Boy boy" in sparkling letters, hand gesters and lisping made Rainman understand he was in heaven.

Penang was a new world to me! Multi cultural life without white people. Chinese, Malayians and Indians living together with some other minorities buzzing around. Colonial architecture mixed with Chinese temples and Mosques. Walking around was  a lot of fun and dragon lizards seem to crawl under stilt houses or be coming out of the sewers. The food was great and dirt cheap. It's very practical that everybody speaks English there too. Rainman and I checked into a place called Hotel Noble. The rooms resemble those you see from military hospitals during the war, but we had what we needed. That included all our neighbours beeing old hippies and junkies. They were all friendly however. Even the one old guy that has female breasts and wears a dress. We spent the days going around the town, up penang hill and the national park on the tip of the island. In the national park we saw giant lizards, monkeys, birds and several eagles. After trekking through the jungle 3 hours, we ended up at an awesome lighthouse and we sat up at the top and enjoyed a nice view over the ocean. It was very nice to see the eagles fly together around us. We were supposed to stay a night or two, but ended up being in Penang five nights. I can highly recommend going to this town and enjoy the Malaysian hospitality. The sixth day we left with a minivan for the cameron Highlands.




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