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I took a train ride down the east coast of Taiwan to Taitung. From there I went down to the harbor and took the ferry over to Green Island. The island was a prison island but Is now mainly a small resort area for Taiwanese. I arrived and started looking for a place to sleep. My plan was to stay a night or so, but everything seemed to be fully booked. At a nice inn I started chatting with the family that ran it. After a while they asked me what my budget was and told me I could stay with the son Jonny and his friend, since they had an extra bed in that room. The family was super nice and slowly adopted me. From now on they were all mom, dad, meme and didi. I slept and ate with them and they took me out on the trips with their guests. I biked around the island which is probably the hottest thing I’ve ever done. After a couple of days some more cool guys came, Shayne, Romain, James and Bear, and they took me out diving. We had three dives that day and one of them was down at almost 40 meters. I enjoyed my stay there a lot and ended up staying five days.
After mom helped me bribing the ticket officer at the ferry, which gave me back some money, he didn’t want that much; I got a spot and headed to the mainland. James and his family drove me to the train station and from there I took the train to Chaozhou. My hostess Kai took me home and gave me a room with a bigger-than-king-size bed.  We went out to eat a famous local ice cream thingy and then for a walk at a university’s campus.  After some more local sightseeing into the night, we went to see her friend Youling and eat some pig. The next day we went to check out some local aborigines and make some pearls. We had a nice dinner with Kai’s friends on top of the mountain while enjoying a double rainbow.
Kai’s mother gave the both of us a ride to Khaosieung. Kai left for Taipei and I went to see my new host Josh from America. We went to a couple of parties together, including a pool party, and just chilled out and had food at the night market. An excellent host with a chilled out attitude was what I needed. A very nice and relaxing stay before I took a VIP bus to Taipei with private tv and Nintendo emulator.  In Taipei I stayed my last three days with a sweet Swedish-Taiwanese couple and their daughter.  They had time off, so they could hang out with me and help me out with my last chores in Taiwan. At the end I also visited Taipei 101. I got to the airport and cruised down to Singapore!
Taiwan was great and the hottest place I’ve ever been to, regarding both weather and chicks. I had a great time and thanks to all of you for hanging out with me! 

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