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At the airport in Singapore a familiar face came to pick me up. Alicia had just finished work and together we went to Tanah Mera to my friends from my last stay in Singapore.  We met Nivas again and I dropped off my stuff. It had been six months since I had been to a Singaporean coffee shop and it was nice to get some food and Tiger beer.
During the daytime I beat my roommate in Bowling and had great lunch with Nivas and his French couch surfer. We chatted and watched old Indian movies. I had the time to read three Sherlock Holmes books too. With Ranford and some other of Bucket’s friends I had beers in the evening. We went to a nice beer market with live music. I also attended a cs meeting at the garden at the bay which was nice. Bucket and I had Sunday dinner with her parents, which was very nice. They even served fish I found tasty!  The days went by and the last day Farhani showed me around the local market before Alicia saw me off at the airport. From the airport I headed to Europe!
I decided to end my trip and go back home. On my way I stopped in Munich to attend Bernhard’s and Anita’s wedding. We went sightseeing in Bavaria and ate and drank a lot of good food and beer. Berni’s mother kept on insisting so who am I to say no? The wedding was perfect and so much fun. I made so many new friends, both Germans and Norwegians. The food was delicious and the beer magnificent. Adding good company to that and we got a great party! After the wedding I stuck around four days and chilled out at the foot of the Alps. We went hiking and swimming and enjoyed the great weather.
After leaving Germany for Salzburg, and making sure I took Ralph’s house keys with me so he had to drive all the way there and back to get them, I walked around in Austria once more.  I was checking out the buildings and the surrounding “Sound of Music” mountains until Berni and her boyfriend Greg showed up. We went to Furschl am See and stayed with her brother and family. Again swimming in the beautiful green lake and enjoying some weissbier. Against Greg I was winning in check and losing in football. This didn’t concern me as we all know which sport is the most masculine one. After two days in Austria I wasted a day getting to Berlin in traffic and good old Goldie picked me up in Berlin. Together with Sarah, Lena, her Italian stallion, the ambassador padawan and Carsten we had beers in Berlin until Andreas and I got too tired and went to bed. The next day we went to a beach party at the river spree and the sweatiest wg party I’ve ever been to.
After saying good bye to Andreas I left for Norway. My last flight was of course delayed and I ended up knocking on my sister’s door at 00.30 am and telling her I would attend her marriage. The next day she took me to Oslo and I met Torhild and Artux for breakfast. Dølle was still sleeping so I went home towards Skien. I tried to hitch hike, but never got longer than Drammen. The only ones picking me up were a Norwegian, a Kenyan and an Iraqi Kurd.  I gave up, took the bus home, walked to the house and surprised my parents that thought I was in Australia.
There were some blank eyes and laughter and my trip was over for this time. Thank you all for giving me an exceptional experience and memories for life!
Hugs and Kisses!!!
Veni, Vidi, Vici!!

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