Taipei - Hualien, Taiwan

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I arrived in Taipei in the rain and took the bus into the city. Hana, a girl from couchsurfing, was willing to show me the night market before I met up with my American host Grant.  I met him and his friends at 11 pm, and he wondered if I wanted to go out. It was lady’s night at a club nearby. I accepted and it was the beginning of a four night in a row clubbing streak. This was only interrupted by a visit to the tailor and a local sightseeing lunch with Ariel.  The last night out was at a pool party. I met some cool English hedge fund bankers from Hong Kong and they took me out. It was pretty sweet with loads of champagne, private tables and fancy bars etc. The three I was most with was a brilliant Rahul, which seems to be the name of all British Indians I meet:), Greg, English bloke with style and the American Ice pick. Why Ice pick? He just walks up to ANY girl you point at, brings her to you and there you go. Incredible.
After this ordeal I haven’t been drinking much and won’t be in the future. I was a wreck. I moved to a new host, Hana from earlier, and spent a couple of days at her place watching South Park on a big screen and eating good food. It was exactly what I needed. After a visit to the national palace museum, I left for Hualien with the train. There two small 19 year olds showed me some local tea and candy. I found out it is very clever to contact students, because now they have vacation and can show me around daytime.  My host in this city was Summer and I stayed with her, her cousin Barbie and friend Laurence in a very cool house.  The next day Yi Lin and csdcg, the young girls, met me with a bunch of their high school friends and we went to a café where the guy did card tricks. Then I got on the back of Racoon’s scooter and we all headed to the stony beach. After passing a couple of big intersections at red light, I laughed and said “Red light doesn’t mean stop here, hehe”. She answered “what lights? Ah those, I didn’t see them. I didn’t know there were lights here”. That made me sweat a little. At the beach we all enjoyed the stones and the weather and went happily back after a couple of hours.
The next day I went to Taroko national park. It’s very beautiful and Taiwan is truly a treasure island. I had a proper walk in the park and then I took the bus back to Hualien. Summer and I went for dinner and got trapped by the rain afterwards. Her scooter refused to cooperate and we had to cab it home in the end. I was supposed to go to Taitung the next day, but Summer convinced me to take a day trip to Shitiping. After a nice bus ride south, I got to a great coast with a lot of furious waves splashing on the rocks. I spent some hours enjoying the view there before I went back to a last night in Hualien. 

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